Friday, December 08, 2006

Rosie Thomas - These Friends of Mine

File Under: Records I (Might Want You To) Buy (Me For Christmas)

Rosie Thomas is releasing a new digital album next week (thanks Heather from The Rose Garden for the tip), featuring Sufjan (It's Becoming Annoying How Prolific I Am, But I'm Still A Freaking Genius) Stevens and Denison (Everyone's Favorite Innocence Mission Opening Act) Witmer. Click on the image for her Web site/song samples.

Rosie, by the way, has a very beautiful, rich singing voice but has the most annoying, high-pitched squeak of a speaking voice you could possibly imagine. Or perhaps she was high/joking/sucking down copious amounts of helium when I saw her live? Just the fact that I'm asking should tell you all you need to know.

Listening now to the first song previewed on her site. It's called Much Farther To Go and it gets really good when Sufjan's voice comes in to the mix. They sing about holding hands on the train to Brooklyn Heights and I am drawn right in. But the start of the song is drving me nuts. Is she really saying "The sidewalks are white as snow" instead of "The sidewalks are white with snow"? Because the way I'm hearing it sounds so stupid.

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