Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Neil Young - Citizen Kane Junior Blues

Best. Live. Recording. Ever.

I first heard this solo acoustic set on a well-worn cassette tape playing on a boom box in the basement of a Dartmouth college frat house, wrapped in my sleeping bag in the dark. I borrowed it from Razzamatazz and never saw him again to return it. But I played it near to death in the wilderness, and huddled in my tent. Ambulance Blues, Pardon My Heart, Greensleeves, Helpless, On The Beach...if I could travel back in time and see one show, this might be it. (Challengers: Bob Dylan playing the Gaslight or some other Greenwich Village joint at the very beginning; The Beatles at The Cavern Club; Townes Van Zandt at The Old Quarter - although I'd bring a battery-powered fan or an ice pack; R.E.M., or should I say, Twisted Kites, at the Athens church long since torn down).

I had a lot of trouble finding this on CD, or in digital form. The blog I linked to in the first sentence has it. Helped complete my collection, which was missing half of certain tracks for some reason. It just doesn't get any better.

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Anonymous said...

wow there's so much to be excited about...can't wait to hear what 2007 will bring musically...