Monday, January 21, 2008

We want to love it so so bad

So far, we're diggin' the cover at least. (But where are the dots?)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

At Last...The 2007 Album of the Year

We really have little or no time for blogging these days, but we would be remiss (and are already remiss) if we didn't actually announce our 2007 Album of the Year. You already know the top 10. Instead of putting them in order (and we guess there is an order, but whatever), we'll just post the winner, because, really, it wasn't even close. There was a lot of great music in '07, but one album surprised us and delighted us the most, making the choice a complete no-brainer. We apologize if it seems obvious, but come on, this record kicked major ass (and earns this band a place among the pantheon of two-time Album of the Year winners with R.E.M. and Wilco).