Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We Walked in Song (Update)

Badman Records has posted the following tease, along with a tiny picture of the new Innocence Mission album, We Walked in Song, on their Web site.

The excitement builds! (Although the claim that "each note played and sung seems essential" reenforces my belief that this will continue IM's trend of making shorter and shorter albums; this one will be about twenty seconds long, beginning with a single note from Don's guitar, a tap on Mike's bass, a gorgeous wail from Karen, and then a final note from Don. The end).

UPDATE: So I did some poking around with the URL of the above image and found a larger version of the cover. Here it is:

The girl's face, by the way, is taken from the picture I posted here, which is also currently on the home page at theinnocencemission.com. This cover seems like a bit of classic Innocence Mission album artwork (the girl's face, taken from an old-looking photo) combined with the more recent use of colorful bits (reminscent of Karen's painting and artwork for Now the Day is Over).

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Anonymous said...

I am excited that they have a new record and I hope that it is as good as their previous music, which I have no choice but to listen to, because I have a feeling I will have to hear it a lot!