Saturday, December 02, 2006

Clint Mansell - The Fountain (Music from the Motion Picture)

In a word: Yes.

This soundtrack is everything I loved about Requiem for a Dream, but one you can listen to without feeling the need to slit your wrists immediately afterward. The Fountain is a much "bigger" movie in scope than Requiem, and as such the score is much more expansive. Mansell re-ups Kronos Quartet this time, so the strings are still there and still incredibly haunting.

The fact that you don't need Aronofsky's visuals for The Fountain to be a visceral experience shows how good this stuff is. Released: November 10, 2006. ARRESTING.

Stay With Me (mp3)

(Sidebar: In this Post-Colbert/Decemberist/YouTube universe, you gotta give the kids a project, otherwise they'll just break the DMCA like the dirty pirates they are. Hence, the Fountain Remix Contest. Pretty cool.)


Matthew said...

Nice. Didn't know Mansell/Kronos were doing The Fountain. Will have to pick up. How was the film?

Geoff G. said...

not as good as requiem.

Got a rodeo bar margarita-to-go for the screening, which helped. that fact alone should tell you everything you need to know.