Friday, December 15, 2006

Arcade Fire - Intervention

New Arcade Fire song! New Arcade Fire song!

Called Intervention (from their upcoming album, Neon Bible), it's awash in pipe organ and shimmering guitar - and you can listen to an okay-quality radio rip of it via (I've also provided a direct mp3 link below - grab it while it lasts).

Says the DJ afterward, "If that doesn't get you somewhere special, I feel sorry for you." I like it, but my standards are way too high after Funeral and I'm half expecting to be disappointed by the album. Despite the not exactly pro-Church sentiment and the strident anti-war message, Intervention also has a Christmassy ballad feel to it. I would like it a lot more if it sounded less like U2.

Arcade Fire - Intervention [mp3].

* * *

UPDATE: A commenter at sg posted an mp3 of the band performing the song live - a more bare bones version, in case you want to compare. Personally, I like the pipe organ. Click here for the mp3.

You can also listen to the album version of Intervention - albeit in crappy quality (at least it was over my cell phone) - by calling 1-866-636-6242 ext. 7777. Seriously.


Geoff G. said...

Ummmm....I've had Intervention as played on Morning Becomes Eclectic for almost a year now. i guess I shoulda mentioned this to you.

Of course, I'm much more excited by this studio-sounding version

Also, you gots to fix your timezone.

Geoff G. said...

PS - According to the mp3 tag:

Genre = Gospel


Matthew said...

blogger seems to have my correct time zone, but, yeah, the feed is all screwed up. hmmm...