Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams

KofC nearly made my album of the year in '04 with ROOES, a fantabultastic, beautifully melancholy affair highlighted by Gold in the Air of Summer and Surprise Ice. But there was a section in the middle of the record - I'd Rather Dance With You personifies it - where the band gets its groove on a bit.

It wasn't and isn't my favorite part of the record, but it was enough to convince me to grab Erlend Oye's side project, a more bleeps and beats type of deal. The first track, mellow by dance hall standards, is about as close to groovy as these ears can stand. The rest just hasn't grabbed me yet - and doesn't figure to. I want my acoustic guitars and gorgeous harmonies back. Released: June 22, 2006. INCONVENIENCED.

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