Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rogue Wave Needs a Kidney

From Idolator:

Pat Spurgeon, drummer for Sub Pop superstars Rogue Wave, needs a kidney. A benefit will be held Sept. 30th in San Francisco. If you think San Francisco hasn't been cool since the late-'90s and would rather just give money, you can also donate at the band's website (you can read a rather impassioned plea for help on Entertainment Weekly's blog).
Rogue Wave made my fifth-favorite album of 2005, which is saying a lot because last year was an incredibly strong year for music, called Descended Like Vultures. Apparently, record companies don't provide health insurance and Spurgeon has long had issues with his insides.

Call me an asshole, but I have no interest in donating or getting you to donate. Instead, I'll lend my support to the band by using this opportunity to highly recommend Descended Like Vultures. The whole album is great, but if you want a sample track, check out California [iTunes link], which, if you've been around me any time in the last year, you've probably already heard.

Spurgeon, by the way, is also known for his funky hair. He's on the far right in the band photo (behind lead singer and band namesake Zach Rogue).

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