Sunday, September 03, 2006

Current 93 - Black Ships Ate The Sky

"BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY. A Hallucinatory Patripassianist Dream. The texts for this album were started following an intense dream I had that Black Ships had entered our skies in preparation for the arising of the final Caesar and for the second coming of Christ...I live in an increasing awareness that a Love will come suddenly who will finally tear our skies apart. And then all Black Ships will be no more."

To be polite, David Tibet's voice is an acquired taste. His lyrics are way out there as well. But the music is gorgeous, and I have yet to dislike anything that even remotely involves Will Oldham. Plus, Antony makes a nice appearance on The Beautiful Dancing Dust. And who could fault an artist who printed the names of every fan who preordered his album in the liner notes? Released: May 1, 2006. FREAKED.

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