Saturday, September 09, 2006

Neil Young - Time Fades Away

I've already introduced you to my musical God. Now meet Jesus.

I'm breaking my rules here a bit, as I got this pre-blog, but I've been jonesing to put it up so here it is. Neil finally reissued On the Beach, my all-time favorite of his albums, in the last few years and I had it on repeat for days, as I had on my favorite Neil bootleg as I wandered the AT. (Ambulance Blues was the inspiration for the name of my Archives list in the right-hand column, if you hadn't made the connection already).

Anyway, I was surfing the Web recently, reading about On the Beach, when I saw a review that said, "Great record. But why hasn't Neil reissued Time Fades Away?"

Time Fades Away? If I had been around in '73, I'd have rushed out to get this one. But that not being the case, I somehow missed this live album of previously-unrecorded Neil songs that apparently, to my limited knowledge (I am in the market for a good Shakey bio if anyone knows of one), marks a time in Neil's touring life he'd rather forget. Or at least that's the buzz I read about why this gem - and it is a gem - is out of print. Love In Mind, The Bridge, Journey Through the Past, Don't Be Denied...these are some of Neil's best. And all recorded during his height as an artist, part of the so-called "Ditch Trilogy" along with Tonight's the Night and On the Beach. A must.

If you like Neil, don't have this album - and want it - you can find it on mp3 with some skillful googling. You won't regret it. RELEASED: On vinyl - October 23, 1973; On CD - never. COMPLETE.

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