Saturday, January 20, 2007

This Is Our Country (And John Mellencamp's Wallet)

What John Mellencamp says (in tomorrow's Daily News, about what his new song "The Americans" is about):

"How we see ourselves, not how we are. I think that's an image that should be strived toward. If I had written about how we really are, it would have been negative. If [I was writing about] the Midwest, it would be, 'I'm narrow-minded and don't give a f---- about other cultures.'"

What John Mellencamp means:

"Middle America enjoys its ignorance - and I enjoy my paychecks."


Cap said...

oh brother. Get a cause. You're crippled by your guilt. Enjoy being an American.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, POINT/COUNTERPOINT is my favorite - you ignorant sluts!

My blog entry completely counters this one - let's start the debate.
This is Definitely Our Country - Mellencamp's Rebirth