Sunday, May 08, 2011

RIB's (Early) Spring 2011 Mix

I finally have Interwebs at my new place, so I can, at long last, get around to a post that's a couple months old at this point: RIB's (Early) Spring 2011 Mix.

The mix is a hand-crafted and immaculately designed product -- conceived during a weekend trip to Boston in March and signifying the slow, hopeful climb out of a brutal winter and using only songs released in early 2011 -- which was shipped to a handful of friends who made me the best offers on Facebook.

To those of you who have reciprocated or are reciprocating now, I thank you.

Those of you who still owe me arancini, GET A MOVE ON IT!!!

Here are some more photos and the (brief) track list.


1. You're Lionel Ritchie -- Mogwai (8:29)
2. The Glorious Land -- PJ Harvey (3:35)
3. Little By Little -- Radiohead (4:27)
4. Love Out of Lust -- Lykke Li (4:44)
5. That Someone Is You -- R.E.M. (1:44)
6. Calamity Song -- The Decemberists (3:48)
7. Half Moon -- Iron & Wine (3:16)
8. Helplessness Blues -- Fleet Foxes (5:03)

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