Saturday, March 01, 2008

Previously on Lost

In honor of RIB's favorite TV show (and in recognition of this week's fantastic episode), we'd like to point out the They Might Be Giants of our beloved mysterious island, Brooklyn's Previously on Lost.

Each of the band's songs is a rehash of an episode of, you guessed it, ABC's Lost. The Ballad of Sayid, which can be heard on the band's MySpace page, covers the plot of Season 4, Episode 4, in which we flash-forward and learn that Sayid has become an assassin (working for Ben!), while life on the island continues to build in complexity.

Though many of the still as-yet unrevealed secrets on Lost can be frustrating, there is something very satisfying (and geeky beyond measure) singing along with PoL, as they croon, "Sie-eeed...Sie-eeed" - and rhyme his name with "insi-eed," "pri-eed" and "tie-eed." We're Going Home features a Decemberists-esque refrain - "We are the Oceanic Six! We are the Oceanic Six!" and Just Wink is highlighted by the clever couplet: "Locke seems to know when the storm’s gonna halt/But he gets all his secrets from taller ghost Walt." Ya gotta love it. (Full disclosure: RIB has a Kate action figure on our desk.)

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Anonymous said...

Yes an action figure that even has recorded messages.