Monday, March 26, 2007

NPR's All Songs Considered - Spring Music Preview

If you don't already podcast NPR's All Songs Considered, you should start now. Their current episode, at least as this blog entry is being posted, is a spring music preview that includes clips from the new Wilco, Will Hermes' very glowing first impressions of the upcoming Bjork album (did you notice in my last post that the fire spells Volta?!), and a preview of the upcoming Tori Amos album, American Doll Posse. They mention the (surreal) photo above (click for the full-sized image) in the podcast, so I figured I'd track it down and post it here. Notice the blood dripping down her leg and the word Shame scrawled on her left palm.

I haven't cared about Tori Amos in a long time, but the clips they play of the new album actually have that old fire that Tori used to have before she went adult contemporary. Will she hold that fire through the whole album, and, if she does, will it just get annoying? Probably.

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Becca said...

ok not so sure how i feel about the picture...still forming an opinion...or fighting the urge to form an opinion i should say....
as for tori...she's powerful don't knock her so soon... i agree there has been a span of less than optimal rockage on her part the last couple of albums...but girl with a piano might be back and i for one am so stoked!