Monday, November 20, 2006

2006 Album of the Year 'Podcast'

UPDATE: Here are the nominees and here is the podcast [mp3].

UPDATE 2: The Top 10, Nos. 10-4 and Nos. 3-1

So it's customary for me to announce my Album of the Year nominees on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, for the first time, it wasn't just a list but a short semi-podcast. Well, I've done that again this time around and, in fact, I just wrapped it up. I crammed it all into just under seven and a half minutes of audio and I think it sounds pretty darn good. A few glitches here and there. I had intended the nominees to be in alphabetical order but I screwed that up and also I forgot to explain the motivation behind the Turkey Award (worst album of the year by a respectable or formerly respectable artist). But pretty good for an amateur with a crappy USB mic and Garageband.

Jen gets first listen when she gets home tonight. But if any of you actually read my blog and want a sneak peek before Thursday, E-mail me and I'll consider forwarding it to you on two conditions: 1) You hold your comments until Thursday and 2) You do actually come here and comment on it.

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