Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me The Workhorse

PJ Harvey meets Bjork on We Were Sparkling and a few other tracks, although Harvey is dominant here. Lead singer Shara Worden sang on Denison's Are You a Dreamer? last year, and some IM fans confused her with Karen Peris. You wouldn't on this album.

Something of an End is a good DL (Becca, especially, I think would dig it). It's The Bell Jar set to music. Freak Out is as advertised. Also a pair of disturbing songs concerning dead pets. The Good & the Bad Guy is a darker, moodier Putting the Damage On. MBD a peg lower than MMJ among possessive-named bands. I will probably end up editing each of these blog entries multiple times, breaking my rule about "the blog stage" being "just one of them", but satisfying my needling perfectionism. Released: August 22, 2006. SPOOKED.

Video here.


Anonymous said...

I listened to some of this because I've been reading so much about it the last couple weeks. I wanted so badly to like it, but found it almost tediously dark. I would have loved it back in high school when I was also tediously dark. Maybe I will give her another try, though.

Matthew said...

Dark, yes. But as I proved this weekend, you can still dance like a crazy fool to it. ;)