Friday, March 07, 2008

In which RIB gets our sister to publicly thank us for a Gillian Welch tote bag

(This guest blog entry comes from, as you might have guessed from the title of this entry, RIB's sister, Becca, a nursing student at NYU (soon to be a nursing student at Columbia).)

Nothing can make you ache to start driving south more than the sweet voice of Gillian Welch - save for homemade biscuits and honey butter, of course.

My brother, the infamous blogger and my musical guidance counselor, introduced me to Gillian many years ago, and ever since I've fallen deep in awe at her sound. Just recently, after a long day taking blood pressures, learning about risk for falls, and sitting for about 7 hours, I returned home to my dorm room to find an unexpected package...from Gillian Welch? My immediate thought was "No, I know Gillian Welch, but I don't KNOW Gillian Welch...What is this???"

So of course I tore the package open in about two seconds and discovered one the best gifts I've received in a long time - a Gillian Welch tote bag of my favorite song, "Look at Miss Ohio." I mean, anyone who can make "Atlanta" rhyme with "fantasy" is a genius in my mind. So now I am an owner of one awesome bag expressing my mood - because I do wanna do right, just not right now.

Thanks big bro!

(Ed. note: If you want to get one for your sister (or anyone else), you can find it here.)

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